Trish Ferrari Orndorff

In 1993, Trish started Ferrari Graphics, a graphics design firm that supported advertising agencies within the Baltimore Metro area. Over the next several years, she grew her employee base and supported marketing campaigns for Citibank, Towson Town Center and Visa. And then in late 1995, she started a family with her husband Jim. And that was the beginning of a 20 year hiatus from business.

In 2015, Trish decided it was time to rekindle the Ferrari Graphics brand with a focus on something new. She wanted a business that would channel her creative and artistic side but also leverage her keen attention to detail.  Jim, a corporate executive, noticed how many companies had difficulty messaging their values, personalizing their office space and communicating what they cared about. He suggested to Trish she help companies better communicate their story by selecting art for their gathering areas.  This seemed like an ideal way to help companies and Ferrari Frame & Design was born.

Trish completed her framing/design apprenticeship with Monica and Catherine of Belle Framing in 2016 and has been running her business since then.

Please stop by and let’s discuss how we can help you with your art and framing needs!